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'Nearly New' Myths

1. They Are New

There are many cars in circulation that are termed 'nearly new' to avoid the simple fact that they are not actually new... they have been registered some time ago, have mileage and are therefore used. The term has merely been coined so that a used car could be compared favourably with a new car.

2. They Offer Better Value

Although some of these 'nearly new' deals offer cars that, on the face of it, a cheaper alternative. Often, particularly when you take the kinds of prices you can find on CarQuake into account, the margins of difference between a 'nearly new' and a 'really new' (i.e. what CarQuake offers) are negligible... and most of these cars have already depreciated because when you get the registration documents, you find that you are not the first owner, but the second (or possibly third).

When you come to sell the car, it gets worse: you find that because these cars have already been registered, they actually started depreciating up to a year ago.

3. They Are Desirable

The reason why many 'low mileage' nearly new cars exist is often because they are the ones that no-one wanted. The desirable models sell new, the undesirable models get discounted and mostly sold as new, the really undesirable models are mostly pre-registered and then sold as 'nearly new'.

So, the real hit comes when you part exchange or sell your car, because it's trade value will be even lower than you feared.

4. The Importance of Informed Choice

Whilst we know the value of a new car, we also realise that informed choice is what customers are looking for. Se we call a new car, a new car... and a nearly new, pre-register or late used car exactly that. So, you get to choose exactly what the best deal is for you.

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