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What is a New Car to CarQuake?

CarQuake was developed to offer two things to all of our customers
a) Transparent pricing on cars genuinely available to UK customers
b) The best deals on new cars across the UK

In our efforts to ensure that we can find the best deals, we have discovered that on a number of franchises, the best deals are not necessarily just on unregisterd cars, but also include 'pre-registered' cars, or very late used cars and demonstrators.

What is a Pre-Registered Car?

Pre-registration is a deliberate tactic some manufacturers use to artificially increase sales of their cars. Rather than waiting for buyers, they offer cars at even better discounts to dealers without waiting for an order to be placed. This is done on the understanding that the car will be registered within a certain timeframe (mostly by the end of a month/quarter). This increases 'sales' for the manufacturers whilst giving dealers new cars to offer strong discounting on - in many cases at much better prices than for factory ordered cars.

What this means for the car is very little, however: they have no mileage, have no previous real owner, have full warranty and are to all intents and purposes new.

What is a Late Used Car?

A 'late used' car can often also be the best deal for certain makes of car. These are often demonstrators, or even cars which have been registered to the dealer, but not sold to a customer. Where there are exceptional deals, we also publish late used offers - but will always describe if there is mileage and when the car was registered - and the cars will always be UK-spec with full manufacturer warranty.

What We Consider The Best New Car Deal...

We still maintain substantial quality control at our end as it is not our intention to mislead customers. Therefore we ensure that the offers on CarQuake are for cars that:
- Have only delivery mileage
- Are recently registered (less than 3 months ago, normally under 1 month)
- Have no previous real owner
- Have the full manufacturer warranty

Note that over 95% of all offers on CarQuake are for unregistered new cars. The pre-registered cars we have on our site are at substantial further discounts on the new car prices we offer and we believe that it will offer greater choice and the best deals to our customers.

What We Avoid

At the same time we also ensure that none of the cars on CarQuake:
- Are imported
- Have already been owned
- Have been sold outside of the dealer network

If you find an offer published on CarQuake that fits into one of these categories then please contact us and let us know.

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