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The Benefits of New Car Ownership

When you are considering spending a considerable sum of money on a new car, then you need to be sure you're making a good decision. Although new cars do depreciate, so do all cars, and the cost of maintenance is far less than older cars.

Getting What You Want

Another advantage of getting a new car is that you also can decide exactly what you want - paint, specification, accessories and everything else that goes into the build of the car. You're in control of the specification of the car and in what you get. You will know exactly what options you have available to you and can be made aware of any new specification changes to cars.

The Safest Purchase

A new car is also covered for the most amount of time by warranties, breakdown cover. If there were any problems with your purchase, you will have complete peace of mind. Once a car has been registered, then there may be issues with who is liable for any problems with the car, and if anything has happened to the car prior to your ownership, you may have no recourse.

The 'Immeasurables'

However, for most, choosing a new car is choosing a real, unadulterated treat. It's a special moment when you drive it for the first time knowing that it was built and delivered for you. That's what we're trying to create with CarQuake, a website that allows you to indulge, but also watch your wallet!

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New Car Insurance

Get an Insurance Deal Today

If you know the car you want to buy then make sure you also get a strong, competitive Insurance quote. Most can be saved for up to two months - so make sure you get a quote today to know the full cost of ownership.

Get GAP Cover for Full Peace of Mind

If your car is written off, even if it isn't your fault, you may end up getting a lot less cash than you think - only enough to buy a well used car. With GAP cover, you can make sure your new car is replaced by another shiny new one.

Get a GAP quote today and make sure that you're covered.