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Letting Our Customers Speak Up

CarQuake is all about your experience. We want you to have the most relaxing and simple route to buying your next new car... but, enough of our waffling, what do our customers think?

People Who Have Bought Through CarQuake

"After waiting 3 months for another supplier to try to obtain the sunshine yellow Peugeot 107 that my daughter wanted I accidentally came across your website. From emailing you on Thursday evening I had purchaed a Peugeot 107 by 5.00pm the following evening from your dealer, which I will be collecting by this weekend. Once again - thanks for your great serrvice."
J.W., Manchester

"You were right! It has been the most relaxing new car purchase i have ever made. From your email to contact with your dealer, to delivery date and car arriving in A1 condition at my front door. I will be using carquake for my next purchase"
M.R., Wales

"Very Impressed. This is the first time that I have bought a car over the Internet. It all worked like a dream - the car arrived today perfectly on schedule. Great prices and extremely helpful staff.I particularly liked getting straight through to the Franchise dealer. I can highly recommend Carquake."
S.R., Hertfordshire

"Thank you very much for putting me in touch with your vauxhall dealer they contacted me the next day,and we did a deal on the phone and i picked up my new corsa on saturday, it all went very smooth and i am very delighted."
D.C., Yorkshire

"I can confirm I purchased a Peugeot 107 from your Peugeot dealer. I was well pleased with their attention to my order, they quoted a competitive price including delivery to my home address. Should I purchase another vehicle in the future I would certainly consider using Carquake to source any future vehicle suppliers."
, Devon

Customers Who Can't Quite Believe CarQuake Prices...

"Can you let me know what car is available at this price? Can you confirm the price of £15,545 is the total charge as described on the website?"
M.W., Preston

CQ: Yes, it was the price on the car he wanted, delivered. Of course!!

"I am interested in the new Astra VXR I have looked on the Astra website and its going for 19k it this price for real?"
C.K., Sheffield

About Our Website

"I had a look at the internet, some brokers offer similar discounts. However, I would much prefer to talk to the supplying dealer rather than use an intermediary. In any case, most of the other websites look horrible, CarQuake is so much nicer."
P.O., West London

And Some Other New Car Buyer Reviews...

"Are these cars imports?"
S.C., Mansfield

"Can you confirm that this will be a brand new car?"
J.E. Northampton

CQ: Let's get this clear: these are all NEW Cars sourced direct from UK FRANCHISED Dealers. No mileage, no history, no hidden charges... and definitely, definitely NOT imports.

"Can I part exchange?"
P.K. London

Good question... and the answer is... "absolutely!" Another great difference with CarQuake is that because you talk to the dealer, they can offer you part exchange prices.

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A satisfied CarQuake customer writes…

“What an amazing site. I was contacted by the dealer and confirmed a purchase today. Less than 48 hours after submitting my request.”

Mr J Butcher. Doncaster

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