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If you are thinking of buying a new car, it's crucial that you get an insurance quote, because until you do, you don't know the true 'cost of ownership' of your car. Getting quotes from a range of suppliers will ensure you get the best deal.

Hunting For the Best New Car Insurance Deals

We all know that shopping around will get you to the best price for new car insurance because even the price comparison sites cannot always find the best deal for you. So here are our tips:

1. Shop around, don't be shy about it

2. Read the fine print - make sure that you are consistent and clear about what you want in your policy, it's pointless saving money if you aren't covered for Europe. Or having a big excess if something does go wrong

3. Use your insurance to choose your car - some cars that, on the face of it, seem to be the same price can be much more expensive when it comes to insurance and running costs, make sure you know what you're going to be paying

4. Get a quote 'in the bank' now because they are valid for up to 60 days, so even if you do buy a new car and insure in over a months' time, you can still return to your previous policy

Finally, if you are buying a new car, then we strongly recommend GAP Insurance - as this covers what would happen if your car was written off. Even if the accident isn't your fault, you're still at the mercy of your insurers' valuation.

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New Car Insurance

Get an Insurance Deal Today

If you know the car you want to buy then make sure you also get a strong, competitive Insurance quote. Most can be saved for up to two months - so make sure you get a quote today to know the full cost of ownership.

Get GAP Cover for Full Peace of Mind

If your car is written off, even if it isn't your fault, you may end up getting a lot less cash than you think - only enough to buy a well used car. With GAP cover, you can make sure your new car is replaced by another shiny new one.

Get a GAP quote today and make sure that you're covered.