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Do I Need Breakdown Cover?

This is usually the first question and our advice is 'Yes'. It is certainly good value, particularly if you do break down, so whilst you may not need it, if you don't have it you may regret it. Every year thousands of motorists find themselves stranded on the side of the road after a mechanical breakdown. In the winter it can be treacherous, and they can be the worst for cars breaking down due to the effect of bad weather on your car's mechanics.

In remote areas in freezing weather it can be especially dangerous to experience a vehicle breakdown. However with the aid of a mobile phone and breakdown cover, assistance can be with you very quickly. All major breakdown recovery services can reach you quickly using GPS or just by a description of your location. They often take longer at night.

What Are The Main Issues I Need To Consider When Choosing Breakdown Recovery Insurance?

Choosing the right breakdown cover is crucial. There are many options available, and it is useful to consider what your needs are before taking out cover.

First consider whether you want vehicle based cover, so that any driver is covered; or person based cover so you can be the driver or passenger of any vehicle and still receive assistance. The latter is usually the more expensive option, but think about the number of cars you use and how many drive your main car - this should help you make the right choice.

Then you need to choose the level of cover from basic roadside assistance through to comprehensive packages. Are you travelling abroad? If so then get a policy with European cover.

How Do I Choose The Right Policy?

Here are some examples of the types of typical policies on offer:
- Standard
- Roadside repair
- Tow to garage within a specified radius
- Free roadside repair/labour up to one hour
- Premium

And, it's not just about the type of assistance, but also what happens next... will the policy contain?

- Hire car to return home or for onward journey
- Cost of alternative transport home or for onward journey
- Repair at your house given location
- Return vehicle local garage
- Accommodation

What Are The Response Times For Recovery Vehicles?

Obviously this varies and depends on both the supplier chosen as well as specific factors such as the remoteness of your location, the number of calls your recovery provider is responding to, and the busy-ness of the call centre.

The average response time is around 30-40 minutes for most of the major firms who provide emergency assistance 24-7, 52 weeks a year. However, some of the cheaper policies rely on you contacting and paying out for breakdown cover, and then waiting for the recovery - that's why they're cheaper!

Where Can You Buy Breakdown Recovery Insurance?

From this page you can shop around and get at least four or five quotes to ensure you are getting competitive quotes. But don't just go on price, make sure you decide what you need in the policy, and then compare like with like. There are also further discounts available for booking online.

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